o-ringed block for Felpro 1026 gasket

Lee Thompson

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May 24, 2001
Has anyone had their block o-ringed for a Felpro 1026 gasket? My concern is where the gasket sits on the o-ring. How does it fit ? Does the o-ring touch the fire ring or sit outside it?
If memory serves me right, this gasket can not be used with o-rings. I had my heads o-rings and the gasket outer material is made out of metal. The o-ring can not "bite" into the material to make a seal. Trust me, I know with personal experience. I used the gasket that was recommended with the GN-1 heads but I o-ringed the heads. The o-rings could not "bite" into the gasket and all I had was water leaks. The o-rings held up the head from sealing. I was filling up the block with distilled water and it was leaking out and into the oil pan. I took the heads off and put the stock graphite gaskets on and everything sealed up.

Hope this helps

Billy T.
I used FelPro 1026 for several years (no block O-rings) until I recently had to replace the block with one that happened to have been grooved for O-rings. So, added O-ring wire and went with copper gaskets.

it sits outside of it, you have to put copper wire in the block "figure 8" style, it works well with aluminum heads.

Thanks for the replys.
Bill, that is what I was looking for. I assume you have done one for a 1026. I had heads o-ringed that fit a 1000 and that is the way it fit. (not figure eight as that was a smaller dia.) Last year I had a local guy o-ring my block for a 1026 (figure eight). In that application the outer dia. of the fire ring sit down on the o-ring. It did seal up ok, but I didn/t think it was right. (In both applications a .030 dia. stainless steel wire was used)
This will be iron heads on a 4.015 bore stage block. If I had 14 bolt heads I would not o-ring.