O Ringed Heads ??'s


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Jan 8, 2004
Hey guys,

I have a set of ported heads with bigger intake valves and theyre o ringed. Do I have to do anything special for these to go on my car. Ive never ran o ringed heads in any of the cars in my past, so I have no clue if there is any special to them. Thanx for any info in advance!

It depends on what gasket they are O-ringed for. If they were O-ringed for a Fel-Pro lock wire then you have to run the lock wire gasket. If they were O-ringed for a stock gasket like Weber Racing then you run a stock gasket or stock replacement.

Find out what gasket they were O-ringed for and go from there.
The guy I got them from gave me head gaskets to go with them and he said theyre for these heads he gave me. How can you tell a normal head gasket from a lock wired one? Just by looking?? Sorry If any of this is stupid lol Thanx again

The Fel-Pro wire lock O ring gasket is part# 1007 it has a 4.090" fire ring, it,s a excellent system providing the shop cut the rings to the correct specks.