OEM GNX Dash with all of the Stewart Warner gauges

Thanx for the questions guys!! And I try to be as Honest as I possibly can about everything that I sell along with quick S&H so thank you about my feedback!!

This piece actually came out of the Prototype GNX along with the GNX rims that I have for sale.

The buy it now ended with the first bid.

And sorry but no payments being taken, but thanx for tryin!! LOL
bigal614 said:
Hey ThunderRace, I might need some BIG graphics for my BIG Excursion, can ya do it????

Yes up 23" wide and 240" long! (Semi trailer long)

Check our web site for more styles ;)
Only a 10th of what we do is on ebay :eek:
Should have bought them at that point then! How long ago has that been? and how many more do you expect to see at this point??? and this is an auction so they bid what "they" wish to pay, I don't remember asking you what you wanted to pay, did I???????????
I would rather have the autometer one-its cheaper, it looks better and i think its much more value for the dollar. how much do you think you can make off an original gnx dash-if it aint more than $5k-i wouldnt be interested in holding it for all that time for just a couple of bucks.-better you buy it.
Well he does build some very nice units but the bottom line is that they are NOT an original GNX dash and mine is (actually came out of the prototype GNX) and it was worth $1800 to someone! Like I said, they only built a certain amount of them and it has been almost 20 yrs since they did.
OEM GNX doesn't get any better!

To all the naysayers about the GNX dash. It's worth every penny. I know.
I purchased a NOS GNX dash a few years ago and had it installed in my 87 GN
I love driving my car. The dash sure makes me feel like I'm driving a GNX.
It's as close as I'll ever get to a real X.
I waited 2 yrs before finding the mechanic I'd trust my 14,ooo miles GN with.
Well, he works on the ultimate car.. McLaren F1. Yes ,someone near me has one. As well as a Mercedes Benz CLK-GTR, and a Saleen S7, a Bugatti EB?
and a bunch of Ferrari's. I saw my 1st Enzo on the road last night. In Yellow. yuck

TO whoever buys that GNX dash. You'll be smiling like when Im driving