OEM license plate screws for an 87 GN

I'm wondering if the screws to hold on my license plates are still OEM GM. Anyone have any pictures of what was used from the factory?

87 GN hardtop with 9800 miles/ all original except for tires and battery and brake accumulator. :)


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Well the search function is working (thanks guys) and I realize this is an old post. Does anyone have a pic of the correct hardware?? I have a bunch in my bolt bin and would like to keep only the correct ones and toss the rest.
Thanks in advance

Anthony P

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here is what I have... while I'm not the original owner, I don't know why they would be changed out on a car a couple of years old when I got it.

#14 x 3/4 pan head screw - slotted head. head diameter is about 0.48"