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Uh oh.. Look who got ALKY
Nov 13, 2003
This pisses me off i just called a insurance company to see how much it would cost me for the year if i was to insure my car for 18,000 which was pretty good 390 for the year, had to be garaged had to be 26 or older yadda yadda the normal stuff until she said is there any modifications and i said yes peformance modifications and she "we cant insure the car if there are modifcations" what the **** is that about, is this every speciality car insurance company? :mad: this isn't fair they want you to have no fun with the car at all just to stair at it in the garage. this stinks like poop
I don't know what company you were speaking with but I work for Allstate and I always recommend that those in your situation go check out Haggerty. You could end up with stated amount, Zero deductible and still only pay $150 a YEAR. Sorry if you've already tried there.
No i didn't try their yet but i did hear of them and that they are really good. but they dont care if you have mods on the car?
They are usually cool with that, they have several categories under which you can classify your car. For example, when I was first trying to get a quote from them, my car (87 GN) wasn't old enough it seemed....until I discovered the 'Exotic' class. GNs are considered exotic cars and are therefor exempt from needing to be x amount of years old. Just be forwarned: in the exotic category, your car must be listed as in excellent condition, ALWAYS garaged and they will expect 4 photos of the car along with your application (I think it's 4). Their underwriters are hard to get past, but if you can....jackpot!
Called them and since there are 3 license drivers in the house they want 3 reg cars besides the one they will be insuring and their is where i fall short there are only 2 other cars even though the national is rarely used, damn this sucks.
so purchase a beater - if you look, should be able to find an old pick-up or compact for $500 or less sometimes? Don't know if parking will be a problem for you , though.

Was thinking about doing that but the problem is my age (20) and due to the damn econmy right now iam not making the money i should even though i have a good job you know. and iam going back to college to finish off another degree. and even beater insurance will kill me. they said 352 for the year for the national jesus that is incrediblely low.
I've had Hagerty in the past and be forwarned that they will ask if you've done modifications too. If so, it doesn't mean they won't cover you. It just means you'll have to pay a little more. I got a quote on my GN for 15000 worth of coverage and it was something like 300 a year. BTW, "safety modifications" don't effect coverage. Plus, isn't it "safer" to pass someone more quickly? :D
I completely agree and yes i told them that i made performance modifications for 15000 worth they quoted me 352 a year.iam paying so much for insurance i barely put 2000 miles on the car a year, by the bishir how is your car coming along?
I'm hoping to get most of the parts this week. Then maybe start tearing it apart this weekend.