Oil feed line fitting


Jan 31, 2005
Well today at work I had one of the techs fix my huge oil leak coming from the oil feed line fitting and when he went back to put in on he jeffed it up. does anyone know where I can get this fitting. I been to all the hardware store and they dont have anything that comes close. Oh, I am running a
63-1 turbo, so will the original fitting fit cause I might try running over to my local buick dealer and try to pick one up? any suggestion?
Yah, are you running a oil pressure gauge off it also?

I believe the thread in the engine block is 3/8 pipe, id have to look.

Anyway, depending on what kind of feed line your running, you could buy a male fitting 3/8 pipe (for the block side) and -4 jic to feed the turbo.
Then make your own -4 feed line steel braided line from a hyd shop with -4 female jic on both ends.....
then get a 1/4 pipe fitting to screw into the turbo with -4 jic

Or just buy a new block...

What is your setup? stock?
Got a external gauge on it?

stock line is inverted flare, fairly easy to do, napa would have the inv flare for the stock line, just easier to do if you dont have a external gauge... dont worry about the idiot light sensor.. Its retarded.

Gotta go watch survivor :biggrin:
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Do you just need a new brass block that comes out of the block? If so, I have another spare.
Apprecaite the help, but it looks like I am gonna have to send off my brand new turbo off once again to have it rebuilt. On the intake side of the turbo it is leaking oil really bad when I see boost. I haven't even put 10 miles on this turbo yet and its going back for a second rebuild. :mad: