oil feed to turbo what size?



hi,stage 2 engine.What size hose oil feed for turbo works best I was thinking -4 but tell me what you guys use.Thanks
ok tried a -6 with 1/8" npt top front of block but wont fit not enough clearance.-4 fits there.Are you running the oil feed from the back of the block? or another configuration to make it work from the front oil passage?
I think -4 should be fine...I have seen several plumbed with that and a local guy who does ricer turbo installs uses -4 for every one. The opening that's in the center section isn't big enough to take advantage of a -6, anyway.

I run out of the top of my turbosaver/remote oil filter to the turbo. This way
the turbo only receives filtered oil. Most turbos for stage II applications are
way to exspensive to have to replace them too, if something happens to the
motor. I learned this the hard way on stockers! This is JMHO, but I think it
is using common sense. I like to use -6, because I don't want any restrictions
until the oil gets to the turbo.;) HTH

Turbocrazy,Which oil port is the pressure hose of your turbo saver hooked up to?and what is used as a turbo hook up fitting a 120 degree fitting?ps I have the dutt ext oiling system.. Thanks
Oil feed

You might consider checking with the turbo builder I think John Craig suggests stepping down to about .120 NOS jet to limit the oil feed. I run a -3 line and it works for me. I would check with who ever builds you turbo. Dave
I've got the Dutweiller pump and turbosaver. -4 pressure line off the remote to a 120 degree -4 AN fitting. XRP products makes the AN fitting. Earl's, Aeroquip, Russell, do not make a 120 degree -4. I got XRP's number off their wesite, called and got the number of their closest distributor.
ok so since i'm using -4 stuff I would be better off putting together my own turbo saver ../remote filter,braided lines and fittings.
I've been putting my own turbosaver kits together for several years now.
I use mostly Earls stuff. It's really not too hard. The hardest part is chasing
down all the correct fittings. HTH

Jegs part #771-1793 for $19.99. I've had real good luck with them.
Everything else, including the adapter that screws on in place of the
oil filter comes from Earls. HTH