ok another question....weird shifting please read


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May 28, 2001
ok i have some weird shifting going on so ill explain. ok i got hte car back from the tranny being fixed for whatever the prob was before. while it was there i had a new governor put in that i bought off geerhead (joe). when i got it back the car shifted awesome but i soon relaized the TV cable was out far and it was shifting at a high high rpm. so i backed it off till i got it too shift at the right rpm at WOT. the prob is not it seems to slip at the 2-3 shift at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle. at 1/4 throttle and WOT it shifts nicely. the other thing is i playted with the tv cable and it overevs first and shifts at like 5200 or so while second shift at like 4900 or 5000, varying at times. after all the weidr probs what in the world can i do? i have the new gov and played with the tv cable what is left that controls shift points? thanks everybody

Let's try to figure out what u have. I am going to guess, it's not a virgin tranny anymore. Has the tranny been rebuilt? If so, what was wrong before the rebuild? Did it ever shift right after the rebuild? I like to set the TV cable @ WOT. I have noticed most people have there TV cables pulled so far back, they prohibit WOT. After you set the cable, go for a ride. This will shed some light on your shift timing and quality. If a shift kit has been installed, u may have to back track and remove it. Let's figure out what you have, then we can better diagnose your symptom. Good luck, and let us know.:)