Ok guys, I'm confused...


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Sep 24, 2010
One of you posted that you were looking for a Metco Wheel Well Tank.

I answered and you followed up. Then I got 5 (if not more) other offers.

And then I got sick and I lost track of the original guy I was dealing with.

That person needs to be the first guy who has the chance to get this thing.

I have pics of it fresh out of the original packaging, actually, I didn't even remove it.

If it's you, please PM/contact me.

If it's not you, I will probably recognize that fact from previous communication, so please don't try to scoop his sale.

Thanks, Guy
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Look up in the top right corner, and hit the search bar, and you can search all your conversations, that happen to me a couple times. I'll hit a tab or conversation, close it and return, and can't find it.