OK I really HATE my car!!!!!!!


Drove the TTA to work today to have the a/c charged and do the cooling fan mod to have both fans on. Well car ran great no problems at all charged the a/c did the mod to the fans found out my LH motor is bad, Ok I'll replace it later. Started car up in the shop sounded great cold a/c everything was fine. Shut car off came back about 45 mins later to move it. Started it up and it's knocking bad very loud and running rough WTF happend, It sounds like it's on the RH side of the engine I pulled the v/c off and it all looked fine so I pulled the plugs well the #2 #4 plug look like something may have hit them. One has marks on the electrode and they both look like they are pushed over to the side :confused: I'm so pissed I don't even want to mess with it again. I've had nothing but trouble with it for so long I thought it was all fine and could start enjoying it.... I guess my brother decided to stop in again..I hate my brother Murphy :(
Sounds to me like the engine ingested something to smash the plugs on 2 cylinders. Check compression and oil pressure. I have been through storms with my GN too. It can't f with you forever.
So far it has for f-me for 4 years. It has oil pressure. I'm gona do the compression later I was too mad to deal with it anymore today. Thanks, Jason

Need to pull away from it for a few days. Cool down.. and see what the damage is before jumping to conclusions.

Good luck with it. I've had my share of ups and downs.