ok ok its week i know but how would it sound?

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my 4x10's are really goin south quick. for christmas i'm asking for the kenwood (the one with all the graphics the indycar etc. ) puttin my pioner 6x9's in and trying to do the 3½'s and whatever the doors are. my question if i put 2 8's in the trunk how would it sound?
weak....I would say go with 10's at least. 8's don't provide much to begin with and since it will be sealed off in your trunk their output will be even more muted.

The cost difference between a 8 and 10 really isn't that much. The only thing that will cost a more is buying a lil bigger amp. Which the way it is today, watts are cheap.

My friend has 2 RF 8" in his '69 Mach 1 and its a hatchback and the bass is good enough to add some depth to your music, but I wouldn't trust it to be very audible when stuffed in the trunk.
Not that bad.................

............the first system I had in my regal were two 8" kickers! I was 16 and couldn't afford much more, and it did the job. I actually had the 2 kickers (black cone with KICKER written in yellowish-green letters) in a SEALED BOX, being pushed by a small Rockford Fosgate 230sd amp, and then I had another 230sd running my 6x9's and 3 1/2's, all being controlled by a kenwood deck.

Allthough isn't wasn't a loud booming system outside of the car, it did have some tight bass inside the car. Don't know if this helps, but it's just my opinion!
Crutchfield had a sellout on the JBL GTI series 8" woofers and I bought a few of them. They handle 300 watts RMS and in the right enclosure will outperform many 10" speakers and probably a few 12's. If you can get a deal on very high quality 8" units at a low price I'd say go for it. Otherwise bigger is usually better dollar for dollar.

Good luck.
i mean the only resion why i asked about the 8's is because they are cheep and i dont want the car to pound however i do want it to sound good and clear. do you guys know the deck i'm talking about? i forget the model number. its the one thats kinda like the premier deck with all the graphics.

Ususally you start with the best speakers you can afford then go with a better deck as your budget allows. Good speakers with a factory deck and a decent powered amp. can sound good.

Just looked at the Kenwood deck in Crutchfield yesterday looks nice and very complicated lol.

Good luck, but I'd start with high quality speakers even if they are 8" which for me were the JBL's on sale at $99.00 each.
welll i have 4 10's in my trunk. 2 2chanal amps runnin a pair. it sounds aight... but when u open the trunk its all BOOM BOOM BOOM. i wanna get 2 JL audio 15 " W-6.my opinion would be 2 pioneer 12's or some 15's.
well i want to go 2 10 premers. they sound excelnt. the deck is real nice but yes complicated. i'll prolly just go with a pioner
Its not the best solution in the world but you could build a small sealed cabinet for each 8" sub and place them in the floor board behind the front seats (1 in each floorboard) and put quick disconnects for easy removal if you put guests in back seat. Depending on which 8" subs that you buy, they make a better mid-bass driver than low end driver due to the size and throw of the cone.

I will agree with saving up your money and getting 10" subs for the trunk or larger.
ok my mind chaged on the deck. i might go with the explode. the one thats like a keyboard when you want to chage the station and folds flat when your listing to a cd or something? anyone have it? how is it?

i think i'm just gonna save for 10's
my friend has that exploid deck in his truck w/ 4 12" kenwwod small enclosure speakers and it skips left and right.....
im just sayin save ur money... i have a pioneer DEH-1300 in my 1985 regal and 4 10's and it does great... the decks like 149 bucks unless u go for the one for 169 that comes w/ a remote
I have a co-worker that just bought some ZR-1 wheels for his Corvette and he is selling some of his stereo gear that he purchased brand new and never installed, he is selling the Sony Explod deck/w remote and some other things to off set the cost of his wheels. I will see him at work tommorrow and find out what he will sell the deck shipped if you are interested.
witch deck is it? there is only one sony i'm intrested in thanks tho.
I will find out which model it is, I know he said he paid apx $165.00 for it and never installed it. He said it was the one with wireless remote and I dont know which models came the wireless remote in the Explod line. He just asked me to post it on the board and when I got home yesterday I just realized that I didnt ask him for a model number, my bad.....:eek: .
lol its cool. do you know anything about sony decks? i was told that they skip alot is this true? my kenwood skiped over nothign!
I know that in the early nineties that the in-dash players where bad about skipping but have gotton better with technology. I know Panasonic offered a line that would not skip because it had a chip in it that would record 10 seconds ahead of music and if the actual disc would skip, the chip would kick in and would go back to disc when the interupuion would stop and we tried it out and it really worked and you would never hear the music skip a beat. I think it was called G shock or something, but I know that the Panasonics are a very good line of head units.
I thought all new head units and changers had digital memory in there to avoid skips. My first generation top of the line Kenwood of course didn't. But it still works ok so I never upgraded it.

I would think by now everyone would have anti-skip features?