*UPDATE* OK Guys.. Looking for opinions on setting up a new LIVE AUCTION on TB.COM....WOULD LIKE INPUT FROM MEMBERS *UPDATE*

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May 24, 2001
Please go to the thread in the FOR SALE section to reply. Just wanted more members to see and give ideas..
Thank you.

We are in the process of setting up a LIVE AUCTION once a week on the forum.
Looking for opinions and yes they are like assholes as everybody has one !
Some of the things in need of input and whatever else you can think of to be a POSITIVE asset to this endeavor !!!!!
What day? (OR DAYS)
What time? (OR TIMES)
What type of products would you like to see for sale?
EVERYBODY will have the option to buy and/or sell.
This is NOT a Vendor only driven deal . In fact private parties are what I'm trying to get involved.
Do you think it should be mandatory to have a % of sale back to the board? Or completely voluntary? or Not at all?
Please post your input as I am going to try and do this off any and all recommendations.
I think it would be fun, beneficial, and a good time in general.
Once a week it will be a little get together and a good time for all.
I will say I believe PAYPAL will be a must.
People complain that their opinions are not heard. Well This is the time to get your two cents in and make a difference.
Not Vendor Driven …...…… MEMBER DRIVEN !
Please no matter how big or small your idea is, please share it and if we have to "massage" it to make it work...well... Massaged it will be!
If you think its a crazy and will never fly idea, post that as well. In order to make it fun and positively productive Positives and negatives must be and will be addressed.
BOTTOM LINE ………… FUN !!!!!
Lemme know guys whatcha think and I would like to have it up and running by the end of the month.
Maybe I'm outta my mind. Maybe its a crazy idea, but like everything else in life "You don,t know till ya try"!
Might be a flop....Might suck... but if no attempt is made at having a good time and some fun I guess we would never know.
Post away my Turboed Car friends.
Lets get this up and going and have some fun!! Whatcha all think????

Not open for further replies.