Old FAST connecting to USB adapter

Reggie West

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May 28, 2001
Can someone help me out with some instructions on how to get a Windows 8 laptop to work with a USB adapter?

What problem are you having?
I have had some USB adaptors that would not work on any system
I cannot get the USB adapter to connect with the FAST unit. I am running Windows 7.

Cannot connect on COM 1 or any others.

I did download the driver from Belkin too. No luck.
get a prolific chipset usb adapter ...
manhattan cable. 205146 ..
download driver file from fuelairspark.com downloads .. http://www.mediafire.com/download/3qv7dd3w2qfpc5m/USB.zip ,
connect cable to laptop and use same usb port every time , if you move it around it will reassign the com port as a new device,
set the com at com 3 in your device manager then set the fast at com 3 in communication setup
When its plugged in go to "computer" right click go to "properties" find "device manager" find "hardware" you will see where your USB is and click on it and see what COM it is in. May be in COM 5 or higher. You should be able to change it in the device manager to port 3 or 4.
IF you cant figure it out send me a message and i will call and walk you through it