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May 28, 2001
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Looking at a converted MSD dist with a FAST 2.0 and a "jumper harness".
The dist has a module in it, and the adv wts are welded, has a 2-wire pigtail, but is not hooked up.
The ?'s...
1.How does the initial distributor get set? Appears it's a dummy just distributing spark.
Without a cam signal, sequential is inop. Sequential is checked in the tune.
My current exposure is with the Holley stuff and has very good documentation.
Enlighten me!
There is no module in the distributor. Its a 6 pin reluctor with 5 teeth cut off, put the software as IPU and 10 degrees crank reference. Drop the distributor in with the crank at 30 btdc with the tooth lined up inside. Use the firing order 165432. #1 cyl will be the the closet post to the clockwise rotation. If the balancer has been relclocked to 50 use 50 reference angle. You will need an adjustable rotor to phase the timing at the timing you plan to use at peak tq/boost.
Hi Norbs!
3 items:
1. The teeth on the reluctor have not been cut off.
2. There is a module in the dist and has a pigtail out.
3. There is no adj rotor.
We've put the stock system back in and have it working with the FAST.
Well, you won't be using with it as sequential with 6 teeth on it, How many wires are coming out?
Well not sure what you got going on there, 2 wires is usually a inductive pickup type setup. Post some pics.
Update: Ralph and I were at BG. He talked to someone that said the Caspers harness may have wires crossed and the cam sensor signal wire is in the wrong position.
Ralph has sent the harness to John @ Caspers for testing.
I'll let you know what we find.