Old kill from back in the day


Jul 4, 2004
This was 14 years ago but still a classic.

Had a buddy that got a turbo Talon back in the early 90s.

We were at the Gym and was bragging about how fast his talon was.

I said hey, I got a Buick in the parking lot that will spank your A$$.

So he replies with the age old Classic reply: "A Buick? ha,ha,Oh whats that? Your Daddys car!" :confused: No kidding that is what he said.

I said well lets see your Talon spank Daddys car :cool: : .

We agree that who ever looses will buy dinner that night.

Well we leave the Gym and head to a known spot where their is a light.

This was in my first GN, completly stock with a K&N air filter, nothing else. He did not have a clue what a GN was.

As we sit at the light I am already thinking of what the most expensive thing on the menu I can order at the restraunt where he will be buying me dinner at.

Need less to say when the light turned Green and the boost hit, it was over for the Talon. Destroyed him, almost felt bad for him.

He definatly knows what a GN is now, and I enjoyed my Steak and Lobster that night!

Alaskabuick said:
.......Your Daddys car!" ...........
I said well lets see your Talon spank Daddys car .........
"Who's UR Daddy now" uh?
Souds like "daddy" spanked that talon's arse! LOL