Old style razor pump vs newer version


Canadian limited
Hello all , wondering if someone can share some insight on the razors alky pumps .
I purchased a new unused kit from a fellow local Buick enthusiast, who said it was purchased 8-12 months ago .. which would make the pump the newer updated version

Upon closer inspection , that kit was purchased in 2019 , which would lead me to believe that it’s the older style pump .
My question is, does anyone here know what the difference between the old and newer style pumps are ?
Appreciate any info and thoughts
new pumps dont have switch on top , razor is sourcing them from AEM and gives an 18month warranty on new pumps he sells (aem gives 2yr)
the newer style requires seperate pressure switch (1/8npt) which usually gets mounted after the filter
he also updated the PAC controller in that the gain control box that uses a cat 5 connector now plugs directly into the pac box (no more coupler) and he made another change to the gain box which now has a test button on face but now also has a prime button on the rear of the box that forces the pump to run full speed
Thanks for the info ! Very informative Sounds like some better features built in the latest version