Old Town Rescheduled Sept 14


The Turbo Buick cruise to Old Town has been rescheduled to Friday night, Sept. 14th. A TR caravan from east Orlando will form at 6:30pm at Waterford Lakes Shopping Center and take the greeneway to US 192.

Old Town has a classic car cruise and display every Friday night featuring cars from 1973-1987. It is located on Hwy 192 east in Kissimmee. Old town has lots of shopping, restaurants and thrill rides. Check out www.old-town.com for specifics.

Hope to see many of you there...
Syclones and Typhoons

What's up with 73-87. this means my 91 Syclone and 92 Typhoon can't be in the show. That's not right, they're collectibles.
Who do i complain to?
Turbo Buick owners (and anyone with 'modern' muscle for that matter) felt the same way for years. At one time they only had a Saturday night cruise for cars 1973 and older, then they expanded it to a Friday night with 'newer' cars from 73-87.
Did some scouting around Old-Town this weekend, they have finished the road construction on 192. It is now a nice six lane highway, so construction barriers and dirt roads should not be a problem.

The retails shops include a nice Nascar die-cast store and some stores with car memorabilia. One vendor has the Laser cut Turbo Six license plates as well.

Hopefully, the weather will cooperate!
Its tough to predict. For our regular meetings we have been getting a consistent 20+ cars, special events like this are anyones guess. If there is no rain, I would predict about 10-15 cars, but could be more
Well gang, based on the weather forecasts of 80% rain and an approaching storm that could be a hurricane late Friday/early Saturday we are going to CANCEL the cruise to Old Town on Friday night, Sept. 14th.

Hopefully, the storm will turn away, but we need to make a decision today so the word gets around. Once again, we will look at rescheduling in the future.

Please pass the word on to anyone else you may know who was considering attending.

Have a safe weekend and our thoughts go out to anyone who may have been affected by the terrible events of the week.