OMG more parts!!

I just got my tensioner.

As usual, a clean, very nice part.

Guy's if you're hesitating because you think you might not get what is advertised, stop thinking that way about this man. He sells quality, clean, and most of all, known working parts. If he says it's perfect, it's perfect. If he says it's good condition, it's in great condition. If he says it's driver quality, it's way better than driver quality.

Thanks once more!
Thank you sir. I'll never sell something to someone and them not be cool with it if there's a problem I'll always refund someone's money bottom line
Thanks again
Hi Jeff
Do you happen to have a main accessory plate/bracket?
Thanks Troy

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Send me 1 please
Still got your paypal from the crank
Will send $ now

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You have $
Put my address in the paypal
Thanks again

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Address is attached to your PayPal .
Thanks Doug.
Boxed up ready to go out tomorrow as long as post office open when I get off work
Thanks again


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