OMG more parts!!

Fat Nat

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May 25, 2001

Stock tensioners 100.00 each
Accessory bracket 70.00
Intercooler fan 40.00 each
Stock shifter with line lock button in handle 100.00
3/4" spacer 40.00
Throttle cable brackets 50.00 each
Fuel rail with harness and fitting for an -8 line 60.00
Chrome fuel rail 40.00
Chrome doghouse heater cover egr cover 50.00 all
New engine tiedown 25.00
Black accufab fuel reg like new 75.00
Accufab reg Anno has been removed 50.00
Stainless upper rad hose 50.00 may need longer hose depending on what rad you have
Vac block and nice lines 50.00
Everything plus shipping


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Are the vacuum lines and oil fill tube/cap available?

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I would like to buy the bottom of the two tensioners.... or whichever you feel is the better one........

Price and shipping to 85014, please?