? on tuning with alky


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Jul 9, 2001
Last night my first out of two runs,the place was packed, I had lots of retard 12.1 off the line then surges up to 4.1.
I returned back with a dismal 13.3 at 22#, 2.4x 60'.
I then tuned for the next race. I turned the pump speed up to max. Previously it was set at 7. I also increased fp up another 1#. Result, a 13.00@109 with 2.2 60' 1 knock count at top end with a 1.4 retard for a short time.

Now besides the fact that it was 49deg out and all the cars could not grip worth a sh*t, I should have gotten a low 12 with a good 60'. Right. Look at my sig for recipe. Anyways here is the question finally!!! Sorry :)

How does one tune, should I have just increased the alky at left the fp as is or did I do right. Also, does one think I can increase boost 2# with only that small blip of 1.4 retard at 4200 in 3rd.

Thanx for any and all help.