One ricer down....


I heart Boost and DRs...
So I jumped in the truck this yesterday to take my wife to work (at advance auto parts) and there was a kid there with his civic talking all kinds of crap. (Ive had all kinds of dealings with this ricer before)

He had heard somethings about my truck being fast and blah blah blah and asked if I wanted to race him real quick and I declined to recent injurys and showed him the wound cause he basically called me a liar. Well by then I said if you dont have a turbo or a 200 shot with a motor to hold it dont waste my gas.

He proceeded to ask how much nitrous I was pumping threw my 4.3 and when I told him I didnt have a 4.3 he said these only came with that and its to quite to be a v8. Me being the ******* that I am and tried of him talking I popped my hood let him look at it.

Told him its a 3.8 with a 62mm turbo no nitrous nothing special do you still want to race?

His answer was not with my car and he asked me to take him for a ride which I told him no.

I showed up today and him and a few of his ricer buddys are there 2 of the 4 are turbo and begged me to race them. Saying I dont stand a chance and this and that cause its a truck and Ill never hook.

Well my wife took my collar off and said if Im hurting later she dont want to hear it. so we ride outside of town and I told them best out of 3 for whoever Im running well naturally the turbo cars are the only ones wanting to race so Im stuck with them idiots.

I think after 6 runs there was one time where one guy got close enough that his headlight was on my rear bumper, but none ever got passed me and he only got close to me cause of my hesitation.

I get back to advanced where my wife was and the kid was telling my wife how bad I just got beat and when his friends showed up and he found out they both lost he was pissed off and I told the guys about the setup and what motor it was and all that.

Just trying to get a little respect from the ricers for these cars if I have to race them one by one! and Now Im on the couch taking some serious pain pills cause Im hurting like hell...
We have a "professional" ricer here that builds 10 second ricers... that have actually run as fast as 15.8 and his lil minions all believe they can beat anything on the street and will talk smack all day long. And when you wind up beating them, there is always an excuse. Import guys are another breed. Some don't say anything and will sneak up and surprise anyone. They may not be the fastest, but some are pretty quick. The ricers have a lot to learn.
I know how you guys feel. I was at a dealership test driving a 2000 Lightning, when a Honda Civic came up on the left side of me. He had the 100HP adding stickers, and the fart can that makes it an instant 10s car. He started revving the engine like crazy. I looked over at my dad, and he just nodded (man is he an awesome dad or what?) At green I just massaged the throttle to about 1/2 and walked past him. I let out at like 50 MPH (The speed limit for that particular area). I cannot speed, otherwise I won't get a license till I'm 20 :(. Anyways, on a side not those trucks are very fast! At least with dad driving lol.

P.S. sorry for jacking your thread, but I just thought I'd share my story. Hope you do not mind!