only getting 9psi???


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May 29, 2001
I've gotten the car to run really nice and smooth, it perrs right along and everything seems great, but I can only get 9psi ot of it!!! I adjusted the rod and it is almost at its shortest point all the while not changing the max boost. I have new autometer guages so i'm sure its not the stock guage reading wrong. I'm fuzzy on the whole boost accuator/silonoid thing, I've searched through past posts and ppl that have problems with those have over boost problems, not my case. The car runs real strong how can i get it to run 15-17psi range??


Are you getting any knock? do you have a scantool?

If the car is knocking..the computer will pull boost!
i have T-link, which i've checked to see if ther are any codes and ther isn't. I'm still trying to get the hang of using t-link so i don't know if it tells me its knocking or not. THe car doesn't seem to be but i don't have a knock sensor guage.

Also after its warm the car idles at like 500rpm is that right?
The chip controls the "no" there is really no adjustment.....If the car idles fine, and dosen't Die...let it be!

Do you have any header leaks? stock headers? have they ever been off the car?.....A header leak will cause a lack of boost because the exhaust is escaping from the crack!
Plugged convertor???

Try unbolting the convertor from the downpipe and see what happens. It won't be TOO loud. ;)
I have a slight exhaust leak, i'll have to check on that and see if thats the problem. I'm also just starting to experence transmission problems, wining more and more while shifting. It doesn do it unless the car is really warmed up. Sometimes the converter locks up alittle earlier than normal. would this cause boost problems....oh now I'm not pushing it (the boost) very hard untill i figure out this trans thing