Opinions of my New Paint


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Ok I am leaning toward " the painter used the wrong color"

had the car painted and they did not do the engine compartment,if they had maybe I wouldnt see the difference's in colors...
the pink circled area,is where I used some touch up paint from the local parts store,the number is GM3800,small glass bottle.in the pink area,if you look close you will see that I made a square using the paint from the glass bottle(GM3800),to me it seems to match perfect,leaving me to believe that the engine compartment is not to far off from the original body color,but look at the body panels,the seem way to bright ,
also the area with the ARROW is where I took the glass jar of GM3800 and put it on the freshly painted radiator cover area,see the color is creamier than the White they used... Do you think they used the wrong color...


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There were about 3 or 4 shades of the white in 1989 (all same code as we have on the SPI label). I had the same issue when I had my car painted about 5 years ago so I just picked the shade I thought looked the best (more white than enything else I think) and it seems to match other TTA's pretty good.
Your engine compartment is dirty anyways. Clean it and then paint it with the same color/paint they used. Issue resolved.
Different shade for sure. A good cleaning would put it alot closer though.... Did they do the jams?