Opinions on a 700 r4, easy fix?


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I bought my new toy a little while ago, about 3 weeks. 1990 chevy mark 3 hi top conversion van.
The big problem is with the trans. The previous owners put a lot of money into having a local shop rebuild it..about 1100. The trans is now feeling like the tv is out of alignment. It was running fine, now it feels like the overrun clutches are applying at anything less than 1/4 throttle. overdrive is worthless and unuseable, it feels like the overrun clutches are applying through the entire range in that gear and the van refuses to run in 4th.

The builder has a decent reputation in my area, but has recently developed a cancer and has been in and out of the hospital.
My question is should I take it back to him now that it is having problems, (the previous owners took it back for repairs before) or let someone else try it? Their last visit was to correct a delayed shift problem.. (sounds like tv to me as well)
EDIT: Actually, she said it would not get out of 1st gear at all.END
I really dont want to spend the money with this guy if it is just gonna keep ending up back at his shop every few weeks, but if he can fix this problem permanently then I would let him at it.
How tough does this sound to fix? The trans was only built about 2 months ago, and has had about 1500 miles put on it since. I dont think any major internal damage has been done, it just feels out of adjustment.
Thanks for the help in advance.
It sounds like the common sticking Throttle Valve. This is one of the most common problems in a 700 and real easy to fix and keep fixed. I use the TransGo Jr. Shift Kit in a year such as yours since the original timing is essentially OK. I have used tons of these to fix this and other problems in 700's.
Well, after driving it around a bit more, I think I have some more info.

It starts in OD when it has a chance to warm up a little. If you drive down the road for awhile, eventually it starts to shudder and the van just slows down. If I give it more gas, it bucks really hard.. If I then put it into 3rd manually, it kicks really hard in the transition. I did change the TV cable position a couple of times to see if it would make a difference, but it doesnt make any difference at all. In all honesty, It worked fine until I actually tried to squeal the tire(no posi) with it..lol. -Dont ask, local dealer tried to corner me into spending a lot of $$$ and gave me a nasty time. So I figured I would show him I was a bit PO'd. Nice little bark in their parking lot. But, ever since that, it has had its problems. Before that it ran just fine.
See, if it is an easy fix, I will take it to the guy who built it. But, seeing as how its yo-yo'd back there before I got it, I am not sure I want to waste time and money with him.
Any more thoughts? If It can't move under its own weight, how is it going to tow anything come summer? Thanks gang :)