Opinions please


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Feb 4, 2007
i have been looking for a gn lately. i have been thinking of getting one with a bad motor or a roller. now for what i would like an opinion on THE ENGINE. i have been looking at putting a ta engine together (expensive i know) with a twin turbo set up on it. small turbos to start as i dont want to put a cage in the car because i need the back seat for my children. after a few years when i dont need the rear seat i can upgrade the turbos to larger ones and have the real fast car that it should be. i only want to buy an engine one time. i dont mind rebuilding it just want to purchase it one time. any thoughts and opinions are cool. again i must apologize for the stubid newbie thoughts and questions. thanks for your patients during my learning curve dave
Seems a bit excessive and unnecessary since you still want to use it as a family hauler. You can achieve eveything you want for $10,000 less and keeping it a single turbo.

I would go the stage route, build the motor stout as hell internally but keep the single turbo, pseudo stock appearing setup until you can quit considering it a kid hauler, then when you are ready, go with your wild idea.
my thought was to go the stage route i would spend 10-15k. to go the wild way i would spend 25-30k. i would get the expensive parts out of the way first and then when it got radical i would have have to spend the money all over again and spend 35-40k to get to the same place as i would be if i only got the overkill parts in the begining. the children hauler is only for maybe the next 2 years and only part time as we have other cars in the family. dave