orange buick gsx


Jul 21, 2004
why is the orange buick gsx so hard to find?i was able to find 5 of them,but just went back and they have a huge box of hot wheels and not one of the orange ones were in there.a orange one just sold on ebay for $17.99 and a yellow one sold for $25.00,i have a ton of yellow ones.the 87 black monte carlo ss is also hard to find,i only found one of those.
????? The ones I have seen have sold for less then $1... I have found several of both the GSX and Monte. Our local Big Lots had tons of them. That Monte is a sweeeeeet looking car. I wish they would have done the black GN issue like they did the Monte
I have several orange ones man if you need one Ill sale or trade for something?

Got a few last night at the local wallyworld. And a GTO for good measure.