Original paint 25K mile 1986 GN unrestored survivor - $22K

I remember when mine used to look like that. Some days I wish I would have kept it that way.
Don't have regrets. When we sold our '69 SS AMX for $45K and 2 years later it sold on E-bay for $130K, I had no regrets. We made $20K and there was lot of stuff that was incorrect on the car that would cost $20K to fix (the motor wasn't correct for a '69 SS - later model heads, block, carbs, etc.).

The guy who paid $130K basically got screwed, so let the buyers beware out there.

Funny story about the GN. The 72 YO buyer shows up Saturday morning to pick up the car. His 70 year old wife with mild parkinsons is going to drive the car back 8 hours to Pecos. I told him the 27 year old tires won't make it in 95 degree heat @ 75 - 80 mph (the speed limit out there). No problem he says, he'll go to discount tire and "get rid" of the old tires. I reminded him those are the original correct tires for the car and being a 30 year member of the AACA, he realized that would be a mistake.

Under a layer of junk in my back garage I found him 4 pretty nice GN wheels for an extra $200 and told him to ask for 235/60's at Discount tire (they had $80/tire Coopers) and he was off with a big smile.

He also just bought a '58 Buick 2dr with 45K miles a couple months ago, so he's building a nice collection of low mile buicks.
Congrats on the sale. That was a gorgeous car for the money. And thanks for posting a sold price. I often wonder what they actually sold for.
We had a '68 AMX that won the "milestone cup" from the milestone car society...


Red/redinterior, with real goodyear redlines (10 years before they were reproduced), But that was a car we paid about $9K for...

We bought the Super Stock AMX out of Hemmings for $21K... it had been in there at least a year for $23K and no one wanted it for that much money:


Ours was #27 of the 52 Hurst Super Stock AMX's build in 1969, built in the same factory as the '68 Hemi Barracuda's/Darts. They had a Crossram dual 4bb 390 rated at 440Hp and were low 11 second cars in 1969.

Like the 68 Darts/Barracudas, they were race only and not street legal.
Yes very cool. I knew a guy in high school (around 1976) who had a light yellow one with side pipes. How do they ride? I've often thought about buying one. Gas mileage?