Original paint 25K mile 1986 GN unrestored survivor - $22K


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May 24, 2001
SOLD for $21,000
Selling my 1986 (Not one of those "Me Too" 1987's) GN at the Pate Swap meet at Texas Motor Speedway next Friday April 25th. Email me at ccwbischof@charter.net and that goes to my phone.



Not a Aftermarket Speedo - Real 25K mile car:

Car is a 92 RPO code South Carolina/Texas T-top car with Electronic Climate Control, Cruise, G80 Positraction, Power trunk lid, Power driver seat, Power Antenna, rear defrost, etc, still rolling on 1980's Vintage 215/65 Eagle GT's. '86 GN's had Aluminum Bumper supports, too (another thing besides ETCC that makes '86 > '87, since the "10 Hp" difference isn't real)


Electronic Touch Climate Control Works:

Factory Trunk Kit (with NOS upper Rad hose in trunk)

Car rides and drives like a 25K mile car should, even with the 27 year old tires (they were takeoffs from an '87 with about 7K miles).

Real Eagle GT's:


Comes with Original Paperwork, including window stickers:



I will also throw in a Copy of the April 1986 Car and Driver with the original road test of an 1986 GN with documented 13.9 second 1/4 and 4.9 second 0-60.

Mods are the typical for a low mileage stocker that looks stock: Walbro Fuel Pump, 2.5" duals with stainless Ultraflows, high flow cat, ATR SS Downpipe, ported turbo elbow, adjustable wastegate rod, transmission shift kit, silicon turbo hoses, 237 FPR (the original leaked), capped rear lower control arms.


I don't know how the factory paint made it 28 years, when I remember cars getting repainted under warranty, but it still looks great. Bumper Fillers (front NOS, rear repro ABS) were replaced, so no worries about them going hazy for at least 15 years. All of the Other paint is original and shiny.

Previous owners appeared to have avoided parking lots, doors are ding free:


Paint on hood still shines:

The Only rust on the car is the Powermaster bracket. If you live where it snows in winter you haven't seen a 1986 GN like this in 27 years.


Flaws are there are a few minor scratches in the original paint. All could be easily touched up and the paint could be polished out. The front passenger WOM has an impact dent. Chrome is peeling from the Driver side door panel pull strap escutcheon. Dash top speaker grills are cracked. The exterior Emblems have some plating corrosion. The Flaws separate it from a NEW car, not a 28 year old car. For a 28 year old un-restored 1986, the condition is amazing.

Nobody bought 1986 GN's as an "investment" to store in their garage for 20 years. The 5,512 People bought them to show that they had the baddest car on the planet by driving them.

I'm selling it to free up a garage space (t's been stored inside an enclosed trailer in a garage at my house in Southlake for the last 11 years) for a V-8 Miata and the wife wants a new SUV. I Otherwise I'd keep it for a few more years and sell it for $30K, because I have a track record of selling cars 2 years before the value explodes. I have a feeling this car will be another one.

The Car Will be at the Pate Car Corral on Friday if it doesn't sell before then (so don't bother low balling me until April 27th at the earliest). I'm going to trailer it the 10 miles to Pate so don't expect the miles to change much.
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Very nice! If you don't mind me asking why do they undercoat and drill the doors for rust proofing in your climate? I am from the north and it was done on most of these cars from the dealer to get extra $$ from the buyer.
Here are pictures of the Flaws in the car.

The Passenger Side Wheel Opening Molding has a soft body impact.

You have to look close to see it because its still black:

The Driver's Mirror has a scratch:

There is a paint scratch in the paint in the B pillar by the Driver door striker:

There are amateur paint touch ups on the fender top near the Powermaster that could be cleaned up:

The Chrome spall on the Driver side door pull:

There is also some chrome loss on the hood 3.8 SFI Turbo emblems and the Grand National emblems are greening around the edges.

That is about it for flaws. Considering its an un-restored survivor 1986, the flaw list is pretty small.

I need to charge up the A/C before Pate, but it held the last charge for at least 7 years, so that shouldn't be an issue.
Very nice! If you don't mind me asking why do they undercoat and drill the doors for rust proofing in your climate? I am from the north and it was done on most of these cars from the dealer to get extra $$ from the buyer.

The dealership in South Carolina did it. Probably for the Money.

Here is the "Dealer Markup" window sticker with $500 in dealer "PREPP"

If you bought a car new in the mid 1980's you had vivid memories of cars turning to dust in front of your eyes, so Ziebart was an easy sell. South Carolina was Chock full of Ohio and NE transplants and they all know what rust is.

The Funny thing is, the car sold for $16,600 on $19,287 Sticker, with TTL of only $326.21, so the dealer didn't make much money off the added "PREPP".
I remembered some other mods done to the car. It has the 6 extra lower frame bushings added (no #5 GNX bushing however) which really tightened the handing and of course it has a 160 degree thermostat.

Earlier today I installed the NOS upper radiator hose using factory style wire clamps and removed some cobbled together stuff from previous owners.

I also found the original paperwork folder. I've owned it since May 2000, and put just under 900 miles on it.
My car had the ziebart treatment too. I can attest to the fact the metal was pristine under the ziebart.

Good luck with your sale! Even those it's one of those slow 86's ;)
Took her to Pate today.

Lots of interest and rolls of 160 $100 bills offers, but Car is sale pending with deposit @ $21K. Its going to the West Texas Oil Fields.

The new owner (late 60's/early 70's) didn't like the Shift kit installed by a previous owner. On the test drive, the 1-2 slammed him in the back and rip-chirped the eagle GT's. "What was that?" he asked me. He wanted a Buick, not a 12 second Muscle car, I guess. I wish my mid 11 second T-type had this transmission. I have a feeling this car is going to live a pretty easy life.

Thanks for all of the interest!
Hey UNGN where have you been hiding? Always enjoyed reading your responses on this website.
Hey UNGN where have you been hiding? Always enjoyed reading your responses on this website.

Mostly working on my 5 other hobbies and am busy with my 14 year old son's high school activities. I just recently got back to my Buick's, and I'm selling the GN to make more space for a V-8 Miata my son and I are building in the back garage. Still a lot of things on my T-type and TTA I want to do, I just need to find the time to do them.

Now that All my turbo cars have no emissions inspection in Texas anymore, I'll likely be getting them out more.
Is your Miata like the one Stacey David built on his tv show? https://www.staceydavid.com/projects/19427/banshee-2299

Eventually but without the body kit. Instead of a ford motor, ours will have an all Aluminum LS1 with a T-56 6 speed. Just a POS sleeper 2,500lb '91 miata with 350 - 400 Hp. We are keeping the "faded paint" patina and will try to keep it as stock appearing as we can, with later model 15" or 16" miata wheels. It will be a project car to scare the crap out of us in autocross parking lots and teach throttle management.

Our '91 is emission exempt in 2015 (after I get the inspection sticker), but if I find a good deal on a 1990, We'll build that one (get a 2014 sticker, then tear into it). Our local police force uses the inspection stickers as revenue generators, so not passing emissions on a car isn't an option if we want to drive them more than on/off a trailer.

Some of the money from the GN sale goes into the miata fund.