OTC 4000 mode hurt performance?



I had overheard parts of a conversation and wondered if it was true, and why. Can any of you knowledgeable guys offer your input? What I heard was that if you didn't have the OTC 4000 in a specific mode during a WOT run, it would screw up the timing? If true, why? What actually happens. I'm starting to wonder if the reason some of the knock lights light up on my Casper's knock gauge during WOT may actually be caused by not having the OTC in the correct mode.Is it possible? Can anyone out there give me a good, and detailed explanation of what is going on? BTW, I'm using it on my '84 T-Type, if that makes any difference.
With the OTC you MUST be in road mode dude, Trust me your car will idle at 1000 RPM and will spudder and fart all the way down the Q. I never blew anything up but with all the smoke coming out the pipe when i did it once i am sure it didnt do the car any good.
Thanks, Fast231.
I, unfortunately, have done it more than once. But, now I will stop.
If only they would have told you this in the OTC manuals.
I recently purchased a used OTC 4000 from a friend. This is something he failed to mention!! Thanks for the info!!!:eek:
I use the otc 4000e, and I have driven it around in non-road mode many times and have never noticed any problems. Only the rpms at idle are a little higher. Any Otc gurus out there have any answers? Ken