Paint questions/suggestions

I am getting ready to take my 87 in for a bodywork and paint. Is there a list somewhere that identifies what gets painted satin and what gets painted the gloss black? Any tips or suggestions? I am planning on stripping everything off that I don't want them to spray gloss. Should I remove the rear quarter windows?
Is the rear spoiler gloss?

Any help would be appreciated!!
Take everything off the car, especially quarter windows! I hate when people paint around those, looks like shit. Spoiler is same color as car and also a good idea to take off. Tear it apart!
Yea its alot of work, windows, spoilers,mirrors which meens door panels. I had mine painted last year then promptly wrecked it so now im getting ready again to paint new one. I always take everything apart for my paint guy, then put it all back together so all he does is prep and paint but it is alot of work.