Parking brake shoe blocks rotor


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Car Buick regal 1997 LS 3.8L
Whatever way I adjust parking brake it either does not block the rotor (I can turn it easily with hands) when parking pedal is on, but still at some positions I can feel that parking shoe scratched the rotor.

I cannot find a way to adjust parking brake so that rotor rotates freely when parking brake is off, and block the rotor when parking brake is on.
When parking shoe is right on the clip - parking shoe not symmetric around the rotor.
I suspect the cause may be cause thickness of braking material is different
Should the thickness of braking material be even?
Could smbd advise if parking shoe needs replacement? (please see photos)
Or the issue is in the position of the holding clip?
If its about the clip, is there a way to adjust its position?



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Whats the hole (see photos) in parking brake shoe for?
Can I may be put a screw into the hole to adjust position of parking shoe?