parting 349 SBF Made over 1400rwhp and ran over 171mph


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Dart block 2300.00
machine work 1000.00
scat billet crank 1600.00
canton pan, etc 400.00
billet rods 900.00
forged turbo coated pistons 1300.00
belt drive 1000.00
custom turbo camshaft 350.00
balancer flywheel, etc 200.00
rings, bearings,250.00
arp bolts, etc 100.00
it would cost close to 10,000.00 for this. 6000.00 firm
engine has a couple chassis dyno passes and a couple track passes.
made over 1400rwhp and ran 171mph at 3200.00 pounds. This was done with a 3200 pound car. Short block could easily support more power and run 180mph. No junk here. the best of the absolute best.

top end:
TFS-R 235 heads complete from Total engine air flow. Upgraded springs. titanium retainers, etc. Now for the goodies that go with the heads. Fist is a set of 1800.00 titanium valves, along with a shaft mount rocker that cost close to 1000.00. I have a set of high dollar lifters, arp bolts, etc. Basically a complete top end set up that aided in making over 1400rwhp. with a smaller turbo. and this was without the titanium valves. Rev it higher and see some crazy numbers. Along with a bigger turbo and your looking at 1800-2000 hp

Make me a serious offer on the above.

I also have a reichard intake with a trick flow lower that is port matched to each other and to the heads.
160# fuel injectors
and aeromotive fuel rails anodized red.
Make me offers on the above, Email me at I do not check pms here. Im about 45 minutes from chicago.