Parting an '87 Regal Turbo Y56 + extras in CT

I'm interested in the (2) GM headlight bezels. How much are you looking to get for them? Would you take $50.00?
Please add Door jute and vapor barrier to first in line post # 25 and delete Kirban Billet breather tubes. PM sent for pay pal.
I'll take the power steering res cap. Price shipped to 60453.

How much for the new Kirbans and powermaster shipped?
Ill purchase the Poly motor mount ? Do you only have the Driver side ? I’m interested in passesnger side and trans mount if you have it ?

Also I would like to get the Free? Oil pressure gauge ? Let me know shipping to 91361
SOrry me again... I would also like the I get the rear brace kit ? Let me know abort shipping all together
I live local and would like to go see the parts you have available (no shipping, pay cash).
I’d like the 4x10 speakers and the Kirban engine compartment bolt kit, headlights as well.please

Let me know a price on the OEM MAF and place me next in line for the gm t-top weatherstripping.
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This thread is such a mess already, and I'm about to make it worse!

My wife just had a family emergency today and I will be out of town until next Wednesday. Please be patient. I know this is terrible timing, not much I can do about it.

I have been in contact with several of you already via PM about your posts as well as those who have PM'd me directly, but I'm only up to about "11AM" so far.

I WILL continue to respond over the next few days when I can, but it's going to be about week before I can start shipping some of this stuff. Sorry!

Pending payment, the orders for RipVanWinkleGN and Jared31 will ship on Friday because I've already packed them up and a friend is going to take them to the post office for me.

Because this post is going to get lost in the mix like everybody else's, since this forum doesn't allow editing, I have created a "live" parts list that will show what is gone and what is still available. It can be found here:

Please look at it! You DO NOT need to sign up for that forum to view the parts list! ALL the comments, requests, etc. will stay right here on this forum. The difference is that I can edit that list of parts, so you will know with 99% certainty what is still available, what is already gone, and what is pending sale. I update it every time I respond to a post here or a PM. Some of you are asking for parts that are already gone because I can't keep up with the replies quick enough and because I can't edit this stupid thread. The live parts list should make this thing easier for everybody.
No rush I can wait till you are able, would like to discuss a deal on the engine, I am about 1 1/2 hours west of you, I can pick up. Sending PM.
I hope everyone is ok. When you get a chance, interested in all remaining gauges. Also possibly the Kirban headlight harness. Is that for the led conversion? Thx
I'm interested in the (2) GM headlight bezels. How much are you looking to get for them? Would you take $50.00?
Hope all is well. When you get a chance could you please let me know if the headlight bezels are available. Thanks
Back in business, folks.

As far as I know, I am totally up to date on replies to your PMs and posts here. TurboTJT is still waiting on a shipping quote from me, that's still in the works. Anybody else still waiting on a reply, please double-check that you actually gave me a final answer on what you were looking for. I have a few of those "open requests" still.

For anything else, please shoot me a PM and we'll get to the bottom of it.

1) Please check the live parts list HERE for what's still available.

2) I have updated the interior plastics photos on that thread so that you can actually see what's currently available and don't have to guess.

3) I have enough interest in the complete engine that I'll be parting the mechanical systems over the next couple of weeks. I already have some prices listed for that stuff in the live thread, but as those parts come off the car, they will be photographed and any relevant details added. Stay tuned..