parting out 87 turbo t


Jan 31, 2007
I decided to part out my project thats been on hold for 9 yrs. I have a bunch of parts that I have bought this last year, and I want to move fast
because I am tired of paying for storage. I will get pics when requested. If I'm too high on prices, let me know, and I will negociate with if you are interested or will sell every thing as a complete package cheap.

Here is a list of what I have to sell and asking prices (Buyer must pay shipping, parts are in Iowa):

Quarter panels with rockers and inner rocker all still one peice and very clean-$300 each (quarters were cut off low mile clean car)

Doors- clean $200 each

Trunk Lid- clean $100

Hood- rust free but has small dent $300

Clean front fenders $100 each

Bare frame, with title if needed- fair condition, an 8 out of 10- $300

Aluminum bumpers-make offer

Quarter window glass with black trim $100 each

Turbo T Wheels- excellent shape, only have 2 center caps- $300 for set

Black wheel molding set- mint condition- $300

All black window moldings- mint condition- $350 for all

Tail light harness- make offer

3.8 Turbo emblem for 86 or 87 minus spring $50

Heater box- has small crack but in good shape $150

Blue Dash- needs cleaned but in good shape $200

Radiator support- Make offer

Black Tail light set $150

Door glass $25 each, have 4

Fuel tank $50

8.5 axle with posi $400- $600 with new bearings and seals

Roof skin with a piller $200

Priced individually at $3950. Package Price $3000 or best offer (with title for car and parts) and I can possibly deliver up to 700 miles.

Might have more parts including Blue Seats, Console with floor shifter,

9 inch Ford: with spool 3.89 31 spline axles (axles are strange), Wildwood disc brake conversion- price would be 1500 or best offer

I have to talk with my friend first to see if he is still interested in them.

Please email me with all requests to
8.5 axle with posi $400- $600 with new bearings and seals

where are you located? first in line on this plz
I'd like to see pics of the blue interior parts you have. I also need a chrome rear bumper in great condition, serviceable aluminum brake drums, and a TR gas cap if you have any of these parts???
yes i can get you pics give me a couple of days the seats might be already spoken for i need to talk my buddy but every thing is minus colum is fair game

Please send me pics of the center console and shifter. Very interested and would like to be first in line on these items. Thank you.
Ok, whatever you have that's blue and still for sale I'd like to see pics if you don't mind. If it's new in the box don't worry about pics so long as it's unused.
i decided to keep the rear end i had a 9 inch ford for sale but it sold first so im keep ing my stock rear end sorry i just found out this mornig that the guy was for surely going to buy it he backed out once then brought me cash today hes a friend of mine thanks for looking
Do you really have aluminum bumpers?? Servicable aluminum drums?
Thanks, DGC
alu bumper

yes i have the bumper but no drums e mail me and i will send you pics then make an offer thanks
just wanted to give you a a reply i did nt see you left a message till just few minutes ago they are nice and i can get you pics tomorrow i think they are still in the car if not they are in storage an hour away send me your email at
floor pan

drivers floor pan is junk pass ok rear ok you can buy monte carlo pans that are dierct replacment i was told by year 1 but if you want mine let me now .
ialso have real clean quarter with rocker inner rocker if your dealing with a real rust bucket like mine (lol)let me know thanks
Is the radiator support still available??? How much??? $100??? S/H Tulsa, Ok 74115??? Need asap, thanks, jon.
Sorry to have dropped the ball. Please give me status of aluminum bumper?
Can you forward pics to my pm?
Thanks, DGC