Parting Out 87 Turbo T


May 24, 2001
Parting out 87 Turbo T dark gray hardtop car with blackout package and gray bucket seat interior ...The car ran about 2 years ago but had a slight rod knock so it was completely dissassembled Drivetrain and Body has some rust issues ....Its worth more dead than alive LOTS OF GOOD PARTS so call or PM me your needs ...Don't ask for pics because the car is a rolling shell the parts are either off or in bins...:cool:


Thanks Jim
I need a good T type black center cap that's not missing any teeth and has a good dark scripted medallion. LMK if you have one.
Thanks again jim,as always great parts as described,just got back from his shop,lots of nice parts off of this one,if my front suspension wasnt already all brand new,i would take all them nice new parts he has.....
Happen to have any strap caps from the door panels? only need 1 silver one. lemme know. thanks!
air dams and front bumper fillers

if you have these items in decent condition let me know how much shipped to 94063? thanks. Damian