Parts for Sale or trade...........prefer to trade for small things!

Updated list:
1. Black trim: One set of headlight bezels
Drivers A pillar
Passenger and Drivers drip rail
Rear window (right side riser)
One Set of Wiper Arms
Passenger Door Handle

2. Chrome trim : One Set of Wiper Arms
Front Window Risers (both sides)
Set of door locks with Keys

3. Stock Turbo Crank STD/STD but will need to go 10/10

5. Front Air Dam (drivers side)

6. 4 spd shifter assy (needs new or HD j-rod)

7. K+N style filter 3.5" opening

10. Stock Up Pipe

11. Tensioner Pulleys (2)

12. Stock wastegate actuators (non adjustable (2))

13. TV Cable (Hot Air)

14. Trans DipStick (one Hot Air)
15. Power Steering lines

16. Crank Sensor and bracket (Hot Air)

17. 86-87 Hard Vacuum Lines (front set (2))

18. Chrome Bumperrettes (4 front, one rear)

19. Drivers Remote Mirror

20. Negative battery cable

21. 86-87 Throttle Body, almost complete with sensors (needs different throtte cable bracket though)

23. IC Brackets (2 drivers, 2 passenger)

24. Taillight Harness (86-87)

25. Body harness (fuse block to taillight)

26. Vapor canaster with sensor

27. Stock Air box (lower half only) also 2 mounts

30. HVAC box top vent piece

31. Antenna Wiring harness (power)

32. Two Power Antennas, need fix kit installed

33. Fuel Rail (86-87)

34. EGR Covers (black and chrome ones!)

35. T Top metal trim retainers (both sides, L shaped pieces that go under the glass

36. Brake Pedal (powermaster)

37. 87 T wheels with new tires (VERY NICE)

38. Rear Bumper Gaurds (2)

39. Aluminum Bumper Support (rear)

40. Rear Trunk Fillers (between rear glass and trunk lid, one for hardtop, one for vynal)

41. Sail Panel Carpet inserts (set, Grey T Type)
can you post a pic of the guard? do they still have the mounting tabs, need one not 2, i could use the following
38. Rear Bumper Gaurds (2)

8. Fuel Hanger + pump (bought this a while back and never used it, hanger looks like a Spectre and pump is and aftermarket
(unsure of brand, serial# is scratched off like Red's XP) Nice Piece here

5. Front Air Dam (drivers side)

and i have the following we can work in the deal, let me know pm me

2. Y bracket for the back of the alternator

3. L bracket for back of AC compressor

4. Coolant hardlines for heater

7. Coil pack and ignition module
View attachment 153555 Here are a couple pics of the nicer rub strip. This one still has all the tabs and little to no blemishes on the outside.

I have another with the white line on it that is nice on the outside but has one tab missing and one that has a short tab on the backside, this one can be easily used with some persuation!