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Nick Micale HD Radiator $100.00 USED good condition.
Scots LED taillight kit. Box was just opened to look at. $200.00
NOS GN Fender trim $150.00 each I got 3 pieces will have to see which ones they are!
I have (2) 4" K@N Filters. Would like to sell together $50.00
10.4 MM Thundervolt plug wires Black $60.00 almost new
Numerous Oxygen sensors one wire $15.00 each NEW
Lower air dams NOS $100.00
NOS hot air hood pads 84-85 $400.00 each Have (3)
(1) NOS 87 Mint Condition $350.00
(2) NOS miner flaws in felt from being taken out of box $300.00
NOS Header Panel $800.00
NOS Dash Instrument Cluster PLaque This is the piece you would pull off to get to speedo gauge! $150.00 each Have (2)
I got a bunch of stuff this is all I can remember now. All plus shipping!
Put me first in line for the fender trim. I'm assuming these are the wheelwell mouldings? Let me know which ones you have, I'll most likely take them.


Sorry I had to correct the wording on the fender trim "wheel well moulding" sentence. You may want to step out of line now! 150 for all three pieces would have been a steal. I am not sure what this moulding fetches NOS so if someone wants to enlighten me they can.
10.4 Thundervolts are sold to 87 WE3
LED tail lights sold to Vader87

As far as the 02 sensors go they say made inUSA and have a # on them. NO briand or anything. Guy I got them from says they came from GM! Anyone got a GM model #? They are new of course.
Part for sale part 2.......

1) NOS LH side "CLEAR" Parking lamp bezel. This is the lamp inthe front bumper. $80.00
1) Pair of billet 5 on 4 3/4 1" wheel spacers. These are the ones with 10 holes that you bolt on then you bolt wheel to! $85.00
1) Fuel gauge plauque for column shift car. This is small piece that bolts to dash and has rpm and boost cut outs on right side $30.00
4) NOS GN Center caps $115.00
1) HID Kit H4 type bulbs and 6000K blue tint. You will need headlight housings for these. There is a guy on here form Hawaii selling the rectangular housings for H4 bulbs. $80.00
1) HD NAPA Water pump model # 58-114H $20.00
1) AC Delco new metal heater valve $25.00 Part# 25523118
2) NEW Coil packs $80.00 would like to sell together.
1)Adj regulator unknown condition black $40.00
2) Pair new Goodyear upper and lower radiator hoses $60.00
1) Heat shield cut for 3" DP $40.00
1) POS Battery cable excellent condition $50.00
1) Pair oil cooler hoses to radiator excellent $35.00
1) AC Eliminator bracket $35.00
More to come...
Here are some pics of the hoodliners I have decided to sell>>


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Info on hood liners.

Pic #1 84-85 Some of silver overlay on Turbo 6 emblem has comeoff $300.00

Pic # 2 86-87 Perfect condition $300.00

Pic # 3 84-85 Mark on felt above Turbo 6 also a small piece has brokeon bottom as in pic #4 $285.00

Pic #4 This is a rare 9 Hole Liner that is not perfect show quality but nice $285.00

Since no one wants to pay $400.00 for mint hit air liners I will sell these 2 that are not..
Header Panel SOLD

If anyone want a combination of parts let me know. I am sure we can work something out. Also I have a MAF Sensor not sure if LT1 or LS1. So if anyone has a part # for either let me know if you want it.