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interested in tensioner and turbo if still for sale

The tensioner was sold but I have a tensioner pulley & bearing available. I have one person who asked about the turbo first and I am waiting for a reply. I will PM you when I know...
Is the 02 sensor new?

Yes, here is a picture...

Oxy Sensor.jpg
GN Parts for Sale in NJ (08081)

All parts are from an 87 GN & are used unless otherwise noted.

- Stock turbo (no end play) $100
- Turbo oil drain $20
- Stock breather and tube $5
- Stock oil cooler lines $25
- Heater control valve $15
- EGR solenoid on bracket $10
- EGR valve bracket $5
- Cam sensor $50
- Coolant sensor 2 wire (NOS GM) $25
- Coolant sensor 2 wire (New Aftermarket) $10
- Coolant sensor 1 wire (New) $20
- Crank sensor (no bracket) $20
- Tensioner pulley w/bearing (NOS GM) $30
- Power steering pump pulley $10
- Water pump pulley $10
- Alternator pulley and fan (power coated) $35
- Stock rocker shaft and arms (2) $30
- Power steering return line $5
- Torque converter cover $5
- Kirban plug wires (like new) $30
- Stock Electric Fan (no harness) $35
- Charcoal Canister w/ Purge Solenoid $10

If you don't like my prices, feel free to make me an offer & I'm also up for bundling discounts.

Thanks for looking...

how much for the Power steering reservoir?? I'll take it depending on price,and maybe the waterpump pulley
let me know ASAP thanks brian

If still available. I would like to buy.
1-Charcoal Canister w/ Purge Solenoid
2-Stock breather and tube
Would you take 25.00 shipped? For both

Thanks, Mike