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Turbo MonteCarSlo
Jun 26, 2005
GN Parts for Sale in NJ (08081)

All parts are from an 87 GN & are used unless otherwise noted.

- Stock turbo (no end play) $100
- Stock oil cooler lines $25 <<< Sale Pending
- Heater control valve $15
- Coolant sensor 2 wire (NOS GM) $25
- Coolant sensor 2 wire (New Aftermarket) $10
- Coolant sensor 1 wire (New) $20
- Crank sensor (no bracket) $20
- Stock rocker shaft and arms (2) $30
- Stock Electric Fan (no harness) $35

If you don't like my prices, feel free to make me an offer & I'm also up for bundling discounts.

Thanks for looking...
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Adding a couple of pictures...

I'll take the wastegate hoses and a converter cover. PM sent
will take the crank pulley. do you take paypal? send me a total if you would to 43302 thanks al