Parts Needed!!!


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I need:
-1 3.8SFITRUBO emblem for the hood (NEW)
-2 GN door straps complete
-1 "T" adapter for Concert Sound front dash and door speakers to go into
stock radio
-about 20 white door panel clips (NEW)
-1 drivers side air dam
-1 blue plug for rear spaekers to go into radio with about 3-4 inches of wire
-Stainless Screws for wheel well moldings (enough for all 4)
-stock GN wheels no rust/curb rash (local)
-like new rubber with hardware to mount that goes behind the grill in front of
-rear turbo shield that bolts behind turbo directly below the main turbo shield

Thanks!!! ------Jeremy
OK still need:
1. GN Door straps including chrome pieces
2. Stock GN Wheels (Local)
3. Stainless Screws for wheel well moldings (all 4)

Thanks guys!! -----Jeremy