Pass state inspection.


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Jun 24, 2023
Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and pretty new to the turbo Buick community.I recently got my car back after having the engine pulled and refreshed car is running great. I just have a few things I need to get done to pass inspection.

1. Horn doesn’t work. What’s the best way trouble shoot this ?

2. Digital dash will not turn on. I have an oem replacement but I wanted to try and trouble shoot it a bit before installed new one. Anybody have any tips ?

I'm hoping you have a meter and know how to check continuity and for voltage. also relays as they get corroded and cause issues. horn relay is where I would start for that horn. if it is clicking is there voltage at the horn itself? if you jump some voltage to the horn does it blow?
dash would follow the circuits to see about power.
this stuff is pretty old so wires and connectors might need a cleaning or replace to get power where it needs to be to make things go.