pats converter question.

well the answer to my question is, no the do not stamp it on the converter (i just called).
so here is my problem, the converter is supposed to be a 3200-3400 stall but i cant seem to get it past 2200 without breaking the tires loose. any thoughts or opinions?
10", gn1 super extreme fmic, 70mm acufab tb, 70mm plenum, ported intake, ported irons, 60# injectors, precision 6765 dbb ported shroud H cover, 3" thdp, ls1 maf and translator, tt chip, mild cam (i forget the number), trw forged pistons.
the converter is supposed to be a 3200-3400 stall

Did you purchase converter new?
What method is used to determine your stall. You need a scan like Powerlogger.
i bought the converter new. ive just been looking at the RPM's on the scanmaster and foot breaking and ive just noticed the tires break loose at around 2200 RPM's
I know turbolnk is slow and Scanmaster maybe a little faster. Powerlogger does around 20 frames per sec that gives a better picture.
I've had two,both have been pretty much junk in my opinion.I would take it out and buy one from another company.The first one broke and killed the bottom end in my motor.:mad:I have one in my car right now that will allow me to build 15#s on dirt one day and spin the tires on the street at 1# the next.My car has been sitting in my yard for months because I'm tired of pulling the trans. out.Good luck.....................
well i guess ill wait until i have time to get the numbers off the converter and then ill call pats to make sure its the right one and they didnt ship the wrong one
Pats does not rate their conerters @ zero boost like PTC does. So ordering a 3200 converter from Pats will differ greatly from another 3200 stall rated converter which IS rated @ zero boost.

So a 3000-3200 Pats converter checked @ zero boost which show significantly lower rpms @ zero boost. Sounds like it may need to be loosened a little. Are your brakes holding any boost at the line?