Pay back for Pat's Picture


Stroker Hot Air
May 28, 2004
I thought I'd pay myself back for the picture I posted of Pat.

At work they had a photographer going around to the different departments taking pictures. They asked me to pose with the computer equipment I manage. Well during the 20 some odd shots I decided to get goofy showing off a tray from our tape library.

Here it is!
Better be careful Eric, we do have a photoshop/ chop person in our area. Never know what they could dream up:eek:
Yep, I'm imagining someone photo chopping an intercooler in place of that tape tray.
Hey Eric,
I sure am glad you didn't see me rolling down 40/85 in Burlington today. The GN looked like a rolling aviary! I had 15 parakeets and 4 finches in the back seat, and cages stacked to the roof :eek:
Anybody want a parakeet? Bring a cage and pick your color!
Sorry Cheryl, didn't see the traveling aviary. But I did see a wreck that must have been caused by people rubber necking your car filled with birds.

I'll have to get back with you on getting some birds from you. I'll see if Matt has a good recipe for Parakeet and Finch.

Tastes just Like Chicken!!! :D
I dunno why you are posting a pic of yourself as pay back for posting a pic of me. Your not the one that took the pic. However i do know you took the pic and i also know who photochop that pic.

Just remember it's all fun and games till someone gets hurt. then it's fringing hillarious ;)