Performance engine teardown plus a load of other parts.....!!!

Hi, is the volt booster a Casper or reds? Also, how much to ship to 89015? Thanks.
Guys you can buy with confidence great seller and fast shipping. Got the valve covers today they were just as described.

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Im not sure whos volt booster it is. I can send pics if you will send me a number to text it to.

No door panels are listed or for sale. Thanks though.
It took a while to get my wiring harness also. But I did get it. He had some problems with the shipping. No worries. :)
Did you ship the volt booster???? If so, can you give a tracking number or something? ( a pm, email, text message please? ) I paid for it on the 19th of April and now were into May. Please let me know something!! Waiting......:mad: