performance increase from new fuel pump?

Nov 24, 2003
Iam just wondering how much of a increase in performance can i expect when i get my new walbro 340 w/ hot wire installed?
You can see the mods in my sig and my car just dosent feel as fast as it should be, could this be the problem? Iam pretty sure its still the stock pump (I knowi know its comin out as soon as possible). Any suggestions as to other things i could do to take advantage of my combo? Whats holding me back?
you don't mention what kind of "after market" headers...

the pump, by itself, will not help performance....what will help performance is the ability to turn up the boost and take advantage of the available fuel

you will also need a chip that can deal with this
ya thats on the list as well, i was thinking 50's
and aftermarket is b/c i was not able to identify them someone told me they looked like postons...
uuuummm, I was talking about a chip for your ECM (computer), not necessarily bigger injectors
50s good choice .I didnt say anything about a chip i was assuming that was taken care of.You might want to go with stock headers until you really go fast could make your spooling less lagy.