Performance shop owner/employee assaulted, 1 critical cond

From a facebook page:

"the motive is still unclear at this time. it has been speculated that they were interested in stealing money, possibly the money bob received for the sale of his bike. the family is working on figuring out if bob had in fact deposited it or placed it somewhere or if it had been stolen. they did however steal bobs wallet and phone.

according to ryans accounts, they were all hanging out and working on nates exhaust and the next minute nate was attacking bob with the exhaust pipe bob had fabricated for him. ryan shortly after got involved and nates cousin attacked him. the exact involvement of the other two are unknown but i will also ask ryan tomorrow. it is believed that ryan was attacked with the jack stand handle. shortly after 9pm the police were called by ryan stating to them they had been attacked and that he gave bob cpr but bob was unresponsive upon the police's arrival. "

Supposed suspect:

The suspect lives in the ghetto of Meriden . They tried ripping those places down years ago but none of the surrounding towns wanted that class of people. There has been years of problems with that neighborhood
Sounds like Atlanta..............Only here... the heat may have been "applied"!
When I had my shop there was always another employee who knew where and how to use the shop pistol. Glad we never needed it