Personal 1987 White Turbo-T Hardtop

No problem. Beautiful car! I was originally seeking a white one. Ended up with a black one. Think the interior is the same color though.
If turbo89 is interested in the car I have a set of really nice 25,000 mile t type wheels and tires. $550.


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If turbo89 is interested in the car I have a set of really nice 25,000 mile t type wheels and tires. $550.

As soon as I can wrap up a deal on my Limited that's the plan .. I should know in the next few days !

BTW .. thank you for the offer on the wheels ... much appreciated and I sent you a PM on them.

This car is just too nice to overlook . original paint rust free cars don't come up very often .. this one is interesting to me because of the color combination ... look real neat next to my TTA :)
kirban update

Hopefully the stars will align for turbo89 would be cool turbo TA same color combo as my car a lot cheaper than trying to buy off ebay the two GNs with sequential VIN numbers.

Again sometime on Monday I expect to have more photos as the engine compartment is just as nice as the interior. Car really presents itself quite well.

Again thanz to all the nice compliments and for JM stepping up posting my photos.
kirban update

Happen to be at brother in laws today and he flipped on YouTube the history bit I did a few months ago and I realized you can see some video on there of my white Turbo T and of the interior. So there is another option for photos.

I currently do have a potential buy not someone on here but we are going back and forth on a price at the moment. Again nothing concrete but just letting readers know. Depends how much I wanna flex on my price

Again game plan is to have more photos up tomorrow which will show just how nice everything is on this car.

Speaking of rare examples....the one car to probably have is the one that Tesla CEO shot up in space the other day complete with the dummy behind the wheel. That is the car to buy if it comes back to earth in one piece. Who would have ever predicted that happening in our lifetime.
kirban update

again JM for posting these above photos. this pretty much covers all the photos. Also shows the trunk ID label and proof Molly signed it personally in 2007.

car is exactly as described.
kirban update

I got a sizeable deposit tonite on my car. I appreciate all the interest. The buyer is a re tired gentleman out of Texas who sold his T-Type about a dozen years ago. He was actually looking at the various ebay cars and contacted me about my opinion. He had no idea my car was for sale.
He plans to fly up and view the car personally...which I understand. Wants one he can simply drive and enjoy.

The weird thing was I initially sent him the wrong photos of another white Turbo T car I had awhile ago which was no where near as nice did not realize my mistake until he said the photos show a red interior not a tan interior nor chrome mirrors.

I did get close to my asking price. The buyer will have some expense getting the car to Texas roughly I guess 1500 plus miles I would assume.
So any Texas owners you may just see this in Texas this Spring/Summer.

Course I never count anything until the deal is done.

I did turn down several offers under 20 grand. Granted Ts just don't have the value as the GNs but truthfully....having had many GNs a T in a color other than black is far easier to maintain and the original paint jobs are far better looking.

But black does draw the attention to the collector.

Since the upshot of the 200 grand pair of GNs ebay shows some pretty stupid prices for turbo regal parts. Such as over $1,100 for a set of 4 original floor mats. Granted they are new but keep in mind these are to put your feet on! Used original T center caps almost $350/set You can almost hear the profanity the lst time someone goes to pop them on their wheels when those 30 year old plastic tabs break off!
kirban uupdate

Last week a retired gentleman out of Ft Worth Texas area called me out of the blue as he had just looked at a Turbo-T that was on ebay and proved to be a major disappointment I casually mentioned to him mine was for sale. I emailed him photos he flew up this past Tuesday nite I showed some northern hospitality bought him and his friend dinner and said if you like the car breakfast tomorrow is on you.

We then drove over to my house and I had the car covered up on my lift so he could thoroughily examine the underside as his big concern on a 30 year old car is rust....he was amazed to say the least......

next morning he bought breakfast test drove the car punched it several times on the open road and again was amazed at just how tight the car is....hour later all the paper work was done.....tomorrow friday am I am meeting a transport truck in a parking lot so his new found love can get loaded on on its way to Texas to be enjoyed by a new owner.

he has every bit of paperwork even the original bill of sale window sticker all the glove box books and swears he won;t change a thing as he fully appreciates how original my car is...he did buy at a discount new GM fillers...which would make the exterior as close to perfect as possible.

end of story......

so if you reside in the Ft Worth Texas on the look out for a white hardtop Turbo-T with a mint tan interior....

I did get a price very close to my asking price and over 20 buyers do appreciate nice cars they don;t have to be a GN but having original paint and papers back to when it was new was a huge deal for this new step up and pay what he paid me.