Picked up a new daily driver today...


Oct 6, 2008
1996 Integra Type R. RHD, 80,000 miles, almost flawless. I think its a pretty cool ride, the green wheels will be getting a makeover ASAP though. I'll get some new pictures once i find a good place to shoot them. Let me know what you guys think!


Thought it might have been a Kawasaki at first glance lol...

Just get the rims changed asap kool driver.
that car used to be the ricer holy grail or so it seemed. what do they run $$ nowadays?
if im seeing that correctly its right hand drive.... pretty cool dd thought im not gunna lie
yea thats the holy grail for ricers... if some kids in my area saw that they would go crazy.
How do they get a JDM RHD registered in the US? Even Canadian cars have to be converted to MPH speedos before they can come south:confused:
Hah! I built that car on GT4. JDM Honda w/ Takata Dome rims.


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Ricers dream or not, that is a cool car that handles great, and is a blast to drive (I've never driven on RHD however). Baby it and make $ when you sell it, its likely to start back up in value if you can keep it from being stolen!