Pics of Hot Air Big Mouth chrome cold air system

AJ, how about sending me down some pics of your kit installed? I am also trying to get some guys to get together at the Walmart cruise this Saturday night in Wallingford, CT. See my post in the lounge under New England/CT Turbo Regal cruise. If you come down I can take some pics with my dig cam.
I have pictures of AJ's Hot air car with the chrome cold air intake installed. Also 2 pics of my DIY cold air intake for my 86 GN. No fancy chrome on mine but it's neat. After seeing AJ's I had to get in on the action too. Nice kit Mark! The chrome looks real nice. Here's the link

BTW Mark, use any of those pics on your website if you want to. I took them with a digital camera but it's not as high resolution as some cameras.