Pics of Hot Air Big Mouth chrome cold air system

4 inch cold air

can you do a 4inch cold air set up! 4inch from the turbo then 3inch to the mass air ? thanks ed z
Really Nice Mark....I hope to be sending some $$ your way soon. turbo 1st tho...

Looks great i realy want one for my car ,the turbo to maf pipe will you sell it i dont think i can get the other pipe inwith my sperco intercooler in the way it sucks i realy want one, keep the good work up there alsome.
Can the parts be powdercoated?. I would like to do black and have a local powdercoating shop that will do it for next to nothing......will the alum. take it?
If so I need one asap...or so I thought still no turbo:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
I would assume the aluminized steel kits could be powder coated. Remember these are steel NOT aluminum pipes. I have painted them before so there shouldn't be any problem with powdercoating them.

I can sell just the MAF pipe to the TB or the kit from the MAF to the air filter but can't guarantee how it would fit as I designed the kit to be a complete system. The MAF to TB pipe would probably run around $80 or so plus shipping.
Mark thanks for the info...I checked with the powdercoater and no problem with aluminized steel.

I just placed an order on the web site but I hate paypal so it'll be tomm. before I can get a M/O out to you.

Looking forward to getting the beast back together with some needed mods.
Yeah I figured I'd go for it with the mods. this year. Maybe some low 12's and I justified it by buying an old used car instead of a new Envoy. I think you have seen my new winter-beater....Ryan's old 95 Caprice. 2 cars in the 12's.....both have air and get 20+mpg.

If PTE ever gets my friggin turbo back to me I'll get it thrown back together and go to the track....with Nocoolers help maybe I can get some et's and mph out of this hog.

How's KK coming you have a couple of bucks in that converter huh?:eek: !
Cold Air Pictures

Would you have any pictures of the new intake pipes on an 84-85? This would be a fantastic replacement for the factory plastic piece.

Just click on the links on the first post of this thread! If you mean installed on the car at this point we only have pics of the aluminized steel installed. You can see them by going to my website at and clicking on the HOT AIR link.
Looks sharp! Installed the Cold-Air setup today!

It took some effort to install on an '84/'85 car... you have to do some cutting. If your going to convert your car this kit is it. Can't wait to start it up!
I stated that I installed the cold-air kit...

Sorry for the confusion...

I had the spearco front mount kit on the car, and it was removed to allow an exit point for the elbow on the "Cold-Air" kit. I'm not sure if the Hot-Air kit exits in the same location as the Cold-Air set up.

I am very happy with the setup... and only provided the information to assist those considering converting their '84/'85 car to the '86/'87 setup... I know you exist out there. :)
PS, if one of you guys gets a chrome kit installed, take a bunch of pics and send them to Mark, so he can use THEM and LOSE the pics of my completely filthy engine he's using!
cold air kit

Just put in the kit ,looks kicker real sharp.My buddy helped me out .He has one of those intercooled cars even he was impressed thanks bob .Mark see you at the BBQ bring one of those white dash kits.see-ya THANKS MARK